Friday, April 28, 2017

May 2017 Goodbye

I can't believe this is the last post for the year, WOW- how quickly time has passed this year! This is also the last BLOG post of my educational career.  I am retiring from education after 34 years.  It has been a beautiful journey. I have learned so much about myself and the people around me.  I just want to say "THANKS" to all of the people at OPA and all the other institutions in which I have taught; the wonderful parents, the teachers, staff and the "FABULOUS" students.  You have all enriched my life and your friendships have been a great blessisng.  

"When the sun says goodbye to earth, it leaves a beautiful sunset as a gift. When friends say goodbye to each other, they leave mementos of everlasting and priceless memories. Goodbye my friends, I will miss you. "

We have had an awesome month of learning during April.  The time has just passed so quickly this month.  Here are a few highlights..........

 We earned a Waterford Party because our Kindergarten was one of the top participating schools in Utah.  YAY!!!  The Waterford Company sent Rusty to sing, dance and deliver donuts to our amazing students.  It was a FUN time!!!

To culminate our Science Unit on Animals in Spring (baby animals, how they move, where they live and what type of coverings they have) we had a very fun and informative visit from Richard's family farm animals. The baby animals were so fun to observe, hold, pet and learn about.  We want to thank Richard's mom and siblings for coming to share their farm animals with us.  Some of the student's commented that, "Science is fun!"  and I agree with them.

We have been reviewing sentence writing skills and also learning about nouns, verbs and word endings.  We had fun making our "king of ING" crowns with great sentences written on the back.  

MAY 2017 

We're Going To the ZOO, Zoo, zoo.............

The Zoo field trip is here!!!  Please be on time to school on Tuesday, May 9th.  We leave right after school starts at 8:25.  We will not be able to wait for students and we don’t want anyone to miss the fieldtrip.

  • Remember to send your child's $2 for the train ride if you have not done that yet.  Thanks so much!!!!  Thanks for getting all the Zoo Trip Lunch requests back on time.  100% returned on time. YAY!!

  • The students that signed up to bring a home lunch please do not send a lunch box.  Please label a sack with their name.
Please dress for the weather and have your student in good walking shoes. They will be walking all day! Please do not send extra money.  They will not be allowed to go in the gift shops.  If you are going with us as a chaperone and would be willing to take some photos for our end of year video that would be wonderful.  Just send pictures to my phone on the way home, thanks a bunch.

Students may bring a Teddy Bear and a home lunch to share with their teddy bear.  Or they may eat a school lunch that day as usual.  They may also bring a small blanket to sit on. We will be eating outside in the court yard if the weather is cooperating. Look for a note in the home learn folder on May 8th.  So fun!

I am in need of 2 parents to come in and help bind our end of year writing books.  Miss Hannah will help for a bit to get you started and then I need parents to finish it up.  I will be ready for this to be done on Monday, May 15th.  Let me know if you are available to come to school and do this.

Please remember that homework is reading on RAZ-KIDS.  If your student hasn’t made it to level D they are not quite on first grade reading level and need to keep working.  If they have made it to Level D they should be reading to keep those skills fresh.  Please read the Summer RAZ-kids note that will be in the folder on May 8th.  Thanks!

COMMUNITY HELPERS UNIT- Starting May 8th, I will be setting up community helper dramatic play stations each afternoon.  So far we will get to be: Doctors, Dentists, Car Wash attendants, Paleontologists, Soldiers, Veterinarians, Librarians, Restaurant owners, Construction workers, Bankers, Artists, Grocery Store workers, Moms and Dads, Police officers, Hair stylists and Mail Carriers.   I am so excited for all that your students will learn about Community Helpers and their role in our society.  There is a bit of cost involved in some of the fun.  If you are able to donate I am asking that each student bring $2 to school the week of May 8th to help cover the cost of these fun activities.  If you can't donate I understand.  If you are able to cover the cost of another student, please let me know.  You are all so wonderful!!

Part 2- I would love for some of you to come to school and teach us.  Anytime between May 8th, 10th-12th, 15th and 17th .  Please dress up, bring props, do a little demo and let the kiddos ask you lots of questions.  In previous years we have had a banker, firefighter, stay at home moms and dads, a nurse, photographer, cosmetologist, salesman, handyman and mechanic.  You may come in any time during the day that will be convenient for you.  We will work around your schedules the best we can.  We do have some Special classes each day that we must work around, otherwise we can be flexible.  We would love to learn about any and all jobs.  Plan on about a 10 minute presentation or less and then Q and A time, we love to ask questions!! If you have a grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle that would love to come in please invite them to contact me.  Thanks so much.

PART 3- I would like each student to come dressed up as a Community Helper on May 12th.  They can be any Community Helper.  They are NOT fantasy characters like princesses or Super Heros.  Community Helpers are part of every community.  Please do not go out and buy a costume, BE CREATIVE!  Below are some pictures from last year’s Community Helpers dressed up: eye doctor, librarian, detective and sheriff.


  • LOVE YOUR LIBRARY BOOK AWARD announcements and sharing with classes - April 24th - 27th. Winners will be displayed during Art Night, Thursday, May 4th. Come join us that night and see all the great writing your child has done this year.

  • BOOK FAIR -  (Buy one get one free)  May 1st - May 5th. There will be no library during this week. We do not have walk throughs during this book fair.  Watch for flyers coming home in the red folders.

  • READING PARTIES (K-4) - May 8th - May 12th - Students can bring a blanket and stuffed animal. We will provide healthy snacks. THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF LIBRARY CLASSES.

  • Tuesday, May 9th Zoo field trip   


  • Friday, May 12th - Come dressed up as a Community Helper to school for our photo op and writing activity for Graduation.

  • Tuesday, May 16th-Teddy Bear Picnic

  • Thursday, May 18th-  LAST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN

    @ 9:00 AM
     Students need to arrive at 8:45 AM in best dress clothing.

  • May 22nd, 23rd, and 24th-NO school for KindergartenOther grades have school all 3 days.

Monday, April 3, 2017

April 2017

Let's March Back Through MARCH..........

We had lots of fun reading Dr. Suess books this past month and studying about this amazing author.  The students enjoyed our Cat in the Hat Birthday party celebration with making oobleck, making masks, reviewing rhyming books and eating green eggs and ham.  

Here are some of those "crazy cats" with their favorite Dr. Suess books. 

Making and playing with Oobleck was very FUN!!! 

" Hey, it melts in my hand!"

Eating Green Eggs and Ham was enjoyed by most, but not all.
 These two gave it a "thumbs down!  I do NOT like green eggs and ham!  I do not like them, 
Sam I am!"

Science- The study of Plants.  We were the best Botanists ever!
We dissected lima beans and learned about what is inside.

We planted our "groovy grass" and it grew into Groovy Grass Guys and Gals 
with luscious green hair!  We observed root systems.  
We did experiments with celery and observed how stems and leaves on plants work.  We found out that the plants did not like the red dye at all.  

If I Were a Leprechaun I Would.........
 Give a pot of gold to OPA.
 Climb up a rainbow!
 Play tricks on people!
 Eat my chocolate coins!
 Be crazy and graph my Lucky Charms!

We earned our 230 class points for good behavior and hard work each day.  Our "Mystery Motivator" activity was........

Color Party.... Thanks to our awesome room parents for planning a wonderful color party.  We had such a great time and learned some new things too.

We are becoming great authors and poets.......   

April is Here....

I hope everyone enjoys their Spring Break time!  We will see you again April on 10th.

April Calendar Items

April 3rd  - 7th  SPRING BREAK - No School

The week of April 10th is TA Appreciation Week.  Draw a picture or write a note of thanks to the teaching assistants of OPA that you know.  Thank them for all the great things they do to make OPA a great place to be each day, especially MIss Hannah in our class!

April 12th - Vision Screenings will be this day for all students in grades Kindergarten - 3rd. You will be contacted by the school if any concerns are found.

April 14th - $1 Dress Day.  Bring a dollar and wear free dress to help support good things at OPA.

Thursday, April 27th - Please, please, please have your child at school on this day for a Kindergarten Graduation Picture.  I will be sending information regarding these photos home in the red folder in a week or so.  We use the picture for your child's Graduation Diploma and it is a free photo, so we would like 100% of kiddos there.  There will also be a picture package available to buy if you desire.

Saturday, April 29th -  OPA Spring FUN Run!!  Please review the OPA school website or check with the secretaries in the front office for more details about this event.

Thursday, May 18th -  Last day of school for Kindergarten.  Graduation is May 19th.  Look for more information coming home during April.
  • Remember- Every TUESDAY is our Library Day.  Please find those missing books and have your child return them to the school or come in a pay the fines before the end of the year.

  • Continue to have your child read on RAZ-kids every day.  The goal is to be at the end of Level C or at the beginning of Level D by May 12th.  

  • Your student needs to be able to read 100% of the 42 sight words(snap words) fluently found on the yellow sheet that was sent home in March.  If you have misplaced your copy please email me and I will send another copy.  

  • Our students could really use some reading helpers to come in on Thursdays and Fridays for the rest of the year.  You could come any time between 8 - 11:30 AM. and read with a child in our class.  
  • We still need 3 Parents to volunteer to chaperone on the Hogle Zoo Field Trip. Thanks to Holly Brown and Tiffany Parkinson for signing up to help.  Please see the previous BLOG post from March for the details of the trip.  Then email me if you are willing to help! 

Thanks for all that you do to help your child at school and to support my role as their teacher.  I appreciate your help soooooo much!!!!