Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 2017

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.  by Dr. Suess

Happy March

Your children worked very hard on their "Eagle Book" over the past month and I hope all of you will able to sit down with your child and read their writing with them and praise them for their great effort.  Some of the students chose to submit their book to the Love Your Library Contest hosted by our librarians.  Others chose to save it to add to their portfoilio which will be given out at Kindergarten Graduation.  In May the library will host a book fair in the evening and showcase all of the book entries from our school.  More information about the day and time will be coming soon.  The students know that they "CAN DO HARD THINGS!"  They all felt so happy when each of them were able to see the final book and read through all of their great writing pages and realize that they are now authors just like Eric Carle, Jan Brett and Dr. Suess.  A few of the authors we have studied this year.

My Little Eaglets

Unit 5 Language Arts Test will be sent home in the red folder on March 6th.  Please review your child's assessment and praise them for all that they have mastered.  Also, please continue to practice skills that are not yet proficient.  Praise your student for all of the progress made to this point.

Words Their Way Spelling Sorts- Please make sure each week that we have a sort that you are practicing all the steps.  Look at the right side BLOG page tab for a review.

During this month, we will continue our author/illustrator study of Dr. Suess and the many books that he has written and/or illustrated.  The students have enjoyed this very much!  


During the next several weeks we will be Botanists and learning all about plants.
Last week in science we reviewed information about living verses nonliving things.  We are learning about the characteristics of a living thing:
  • They can move on their own
  • They can breathe air
  • They can eat food and drink water
  • They can reproduce
  • They change as they grow
To observe some of these we have planted and are going to grow grass over the next few weeks.  We have watched a time lapse video about growing tomatoes, very cool!  Our "Groovy Grass will be going home with your child on Thursday, March 16th.

The following week on March 20th we will begin our Non-living thing focus and will be studying about Rocks and soil.  Your student needs to bring a rock to school that would fit in the palm of their hand by March 23rd.

  • Mathematics
Do you know what a number bond is? A number bond is a fact family.  Part, Part, Whole.  Students are learning how to decompose numbers into 2 parts and take 2 parts and find a whole. The biggest goal is to teach that a whole can be broken into many different parts.  For example:
  • 0 and 5 make 5
  • 1 and 4 make 5
  • 2 and 3 make 5
  • 3 and 2 make 5
  • 4 and 1 make 5
  • 5 and 0 make 5
This week we are going to play the game spoons. It is a lot like the cup game I sent home in Feb. homework.  Two spoons facing up and 4 spoons facing down make 6 spoons all together.  You can play this game with pennies.  Shake some pennies in a cup.  3 pennies facing heads and 4 pennies facing tails make 7 pennies altogether. See if your student can draw a number bond and write a number sentence for each number pair.  We call these "number partners".

  • Safety Skills      
If your child does not have all of his/her safety skills passed off you will want to work extra hard on them.  They were part of 3rd term's grade and the term ended on March 10th.  We will no longer be making that a learning focus in class.  A half sheet note went home on the 10th stating what skills your child had passed off in class.  Please work on mastering the rest at home.  Thanks for the support.

  • Donations Needed
22 gold chocolate coins - can be purchased at WINCO in the bulk bin section.  We need these by Wed., March 15th

1 box of Lucky Charms cereal- we need this by March 15th too.

Celery Sticks (a bundle will work)- we need all of the items below by TH., March 23rd

Large bag of Skittles

6 Plastic or styrofoam plates (with a good rim)


  • March 10th starts the Last Quarter of Kindergarten- can you believe that it is almost over- wow!

  • Thursday, Mar. 16, $1.00 FREE DRESS DAY for the 9th grade Spain Trip and Early Dismissal @ 12:45, Report Cards will be sent home today 

  • Friday, Mar. 17th   No SCHOOL

  • Friday, March 24th Parent Centers- we will need 3 parent volunteers 11:45 to 3 pm.  Please email me if you will be available to help us in the classroom that day.

  • April 3rd-7th    No School- SPRING BREAK; students out all week

  • Last Field Trip to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City- May 9th 8:30 AM to 3 PM

  • Kindergarten Graduation May 19th 

 A special thanks to all the parents that have sent donations in February and have completed volunteer projects at home.  I really appreciate all of the support and help!!!

Thanks to all the parents that attended Parent Teacher Conferences in February with your student.  They are the little people that make my life full of joy and laughter!  Thanks for sharing them with me each day.  If you have any questions or concerns never hesitate to call or email me.
Have a wonderful month!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 2017

  • February Calendar
February 2nd, Thursday is Groundhog's Day: our class will discuss hibernating animals again as review

February 3rd- Early Dismissal 12:45 and Free Dress

February 7th, Tuesday will be the eagle visit from the Ogden Nature Center

February 9th , Thursday is an in-class lesson with our School Counselor

February 14th, Valentine’s Day Friendship note exchange- Bring those Valentine notes and remember NO candy, thanks!

February 16th, Thursday ~ Minimum Day Dismissal at12:45 PMPaernt Teacher Conferences 1-5 pm and 6-8 pm.  Please come in and sign up if you have not done so yet, thanks!!

February 17th, Friday ~ No school for OPA students-Parent Teacher Conferences 8 AM-12 noon

February 20th , Monday- No School; President's Day holiday

February 25th, Saturday- OPA will be hosting a Seed Swap event in the Elementary Gym.  Please visit or Ogden Seed Exchange on Facebook.

WOW, it is already February.  The school year is passing so quickly.
  • Eagle Study  
During January we have been learning all about eagles and studying the differences between fiction and non-fiction literature and books.  The highlight of this learning experience is the visit of “Des Ta Te” from the Ogden Nature Center coming to our classroom on Feb. 7th.  Seeing the bird up close and being able to ask the handler questions will be so exciting!
We have learned so much about Eagles and are getting so excited for our eagle visit. We are writing a book that each student will have the choice to submit to the Love your Library Contest by February 14th.  Here are some awesome facts we have learned that you can talk about with your student.
  • Eagles favorite food is salmon.
  • Eagles live in nests built in tall trees up to 80 feet high in the air.
  • Eagles nests can be 3 ft to 9 ft wide.
  • Eagles have around 7,000 feathers.
  • When eagles catch fish that are too heavy for them they will hold onto the fish with their talons and use their wings to swim to the shore.
  • Baby eagles are called eaglets.
  •   Pizza Hut Coupons
I sent Pizza Hut certificates home in the red folder this week again for January Reading minutes.  Be sure to use them in 30 days or less.  There is no money needed to redeem the coupon.  The kids are very excited about going to Pizza Hut.  Thanks for reading with your child!  Remember, reading in Kindergarten is: doing my homework, someone reading to me, the student reading and finding "snap words", practicing letters and snap words, name writing, reading the pictures in books and retelling story to someone or reading on RAZkids.
  • Valentine Cards or Friendship Notes
We will be passing out Valentine cards or nice notes to friends on Tuesday, February 14th.  If your belief system does not include valentine cards please have your child draw a picture on paper or write a message and sign the note from  and their name.  This way each child will be able to complete the assigned homework for that week and practice writing the snap word "from" 22 times.
  • Students may bring in Valentine cards or Friendship cards on Tuesday, Feb. 14th.  Please do not send candy in the cards.  The cards may have stickers, pencils, etc. if you desire.  We do not address the cards to a specific person.  It takes too long to pass them out, but we are working on the snap word “from”.  I ask that they write from _______(their name) on each card so they can just drop one of their cards into everyone’s bag.  We have 22 students in our Kindergarten class.  We will be making Heart Buddy sacks in class so they do not need to bring in a box for their Valentines. This activity will be centered on reviewing and reinforcing the Spanish concepts of body parts vocabulary.

  • LOOKING BACK ..........

  • Ogden Treehouse Museum Fieldtrip
We had such a great time and thanks to all the volunteer parents that took the time to come and join the fun!  Here is the video of the Participlay that our class did while there.  
  •  We celebrated the 100th day of Kindergarten!

 Counting 100 gumballs
 FUN! FUN! on 100 day
 Counting collections; learning to count to 100 skip counting by 10's

 This is what I might look like at 100 years old!

Thanks for the great counting collections.  The students had fun mingling with friends and telling them the clues and trying to guess one another's collections.  It was a fun day and we will continue our learning numbers up to 100 for the remainder of the school year.


  • Words Their Way Spelling Sorts

Please make sure to review the sort, cut apart and sort into word patterns.  The majority of the students are now in word sorts and they will no longer sort their cards for the test at school.  Each student will write the words from their sort each week for the test.  Please write the words on the sorting mat Wednesday and return in folder on Thursday. Also, take a practice test on Thursday night at home by writing words in a tray of salt or a dab of shaving cream on the counter. We will have WTW Spelling the week of the 6th and the 27th this month.  If your child has not returned their colored star envelope please help them find it and return to the class as soon as possible.  Thanks for your support!

  • Safety Skills
If your child does not have all of his/her safety skills passed off you will want to work extra hard on them this month.  They are part of 3rd quarter grades and this term will end on March 11th.  We will be checking students each week for mastery of these skills; write and recognize first and last names, recite and write phone number and recite only address.  If you still have not sent back the address that you would like your child to memorize please send it on Monday Feb. 1st.

  • Assessments
Please review the  Language Arts Unit 4 test, Math Units 10 and 11, WTW Spelling tests and DIBELS reading assessments found in your child's Home Learn folder this month or given to you at Parent Teacher Conferences.  Look at each one and celebrate growth and please, please review skills not yet mastered.

  • Habit 6 - Synegize; learn to work well with others and appreciate differences

Habit #6 Synergize will be the Leader in Me focus for this month.  
Have a fabulous February!  

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year January 2017

I hope that you all had an enjoyable holiday season with your family and friends.  WOW- Can you believe that it is 2017?   How time flies when you are having FUN!!

My family and I enjoyed being together with each other and with good friends.  Here is some of the fun we had during the break.  Christmas Eve PJ hunts, throwing magic reindeer food out on the lawn with the neighbors, hot chocolate parties, game nights and gingerbread house building contest with friends.   

Let's LOOK BACK at December
 Learning about measurement and making patterns.
 Reading and writing CVC words and studying and reading books from author Jan Brett.  Feeding our "ROCK monsters"!  Hibernation, propagation, migration, insulation with animals in winter.
 Having FUN at the Ogden Nature Center!

  • THANKS to Everyone

Our STEM Project was a great success!  I would like to thank all of you for being wonderful, amazing parents and thanks for your donations, monetary support and help the day of the project!  The kids had a blast, learned so much and did a fantastic job being proactive and completing their plans.


BRRRR!  It’s really cold out there.  Please make sure your child comes to school with a coat, hat, gloves and boots.  Please make sure that all these items are labeled with their name on the items. Students will go outside for recess unless there is heavy rain or major snowfall.

  •  Pizza Hut Coupon

I sent Pizza Hut certificates home in the red folder the week we had winter break for December Reading minutes.  Be sure to use them in 30 days or less from the date listed on the certificate.  There is no money needed to redeem the coupon.  The kids are very excited about going to Pizza Hut. Thanks for reading with your child!  Remember, reading in Kindergarten is: doing my homework, someone reading to me, the student reading and finding "snap words", practicing letters and snap words, name writing, reading the pictures in books and retelling a story to someone.

  • Behavior Clip Chart    

The Color Clip Chart will be returning to our room starting on January 4th.  Remind your child that they want to set a goal each day to be proactive at school so they can move up the chart.  Green, blue and purple are all colors that a student would want to be on at the end of a day.  If they end the day on yellow, orange or red then that means they are having a struggle managing themselves proactively in the class.  Please ask your child each day the color they were on at the end of the day.  Praise success and encourage change for a new day!

  • NEW VOLUNTEER Process    
The email below was sent out to all teachers right before winter break.  Please read it carefully and start the process with Mrs. Sluis, the front office secretary.  You have to have this check even to join us on a field trip, helping in class with activities, etc.

Thanks for you understanding and patience with this process.

Teachers and Staff,

If you are expecting new volunteers for your classroom or learning environment please be aware that Federal law requires that all volunteers must have a criminal background check prior to volunteering at a school.  

We have a new volunteer management system in place to perform criminal background check on volunteers. The background check takes up to 48 hours to validate before a volunteer is cleared. 

If you are expecting potential volunteers, please have them contact Valerie Sluis to get details on how to start the volunteer process.  It is no longer in their best interest to just come to the school and expect to volunteer that day.  NO potential volunteer will be allowed in the school until they clear their background check.

Thank you for your understanding to this Federal regulation.  


Andrew Smith
Building and Systems Administrator

  • Learning Focus for January

Writing: We will continue to learn how to construct an idea and write sentences about many things this month.  We will have a special content focus about "EAGLES" in writing.  We will be doing many learning activities around this topic.  The eagle is also our school mascot.  We will learn about expository writing and we will be writing 3 sentences or more of an expository paragraph about eagles and learn about what they eat, where they live, etc.  Each child will be writing a book that they may choose to enter into the “Love Your Library” book writing contest sponsored by the library in February. 

In mathematics, we will learn about weight and capacity as mathematicians this month!  We will be able to compare and measure the weight of 2 objects and say which is heavier, lighter, or ‘as heavy as’.  Also, compare the capacity of different containers and identify which can hold more and less.  Compare the capacity of different containers and identify which holds more. Make reasonable estimates about the capacity of given containers.  We will also begin Unit 10- Compare Sets which is being able to match things in two sets and compare two sets where things are not together, and use the phrases more..than..; fewer.. than..

In Language Arts we will continue to master the 28 sight words that have been introduced throughout the year thus far.  Please continue to practice at home, thanks!  Your child should be able to show 100% mastery of naming all the letters and letter sounds of the alphabet.  Also, knowing the short and long vowel sounds of the vowels in  the alphabet.  Continue to discuss beginning and ending sounds as you read aloud to your child and have your student identify them in text.  Your child should also be able to write CVC words; EX) mud, cap, sat, dog,  etc.

Habit # 5 Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood

We will be studying this habit from the Leader in Me curriculum for the month of January.

January Calendar of Events

Return your red folder and the Hot Chocolate Challenge page signed on January 4th
  • 2nd Quarter ends on January 6th, all assignments must be turned in on January 6th in order to be counted as completed in the grading period, so if your child missed a lot of school in December, please make sure they are in school on the 4th so we can get the make up work completed.  Also, if by chance your child DID NOT turn in their Home Learn red folder before the Winter Break please return the bookmark and reading minutes on January 4th as well.  Assignments turned in after the 6th will be counted as a zero in the grade book, so sorry!

  • ·         January 6th- Minimum Day students dismissed at 12:45 PM,  $1 Dress Day

  • January 9th- 3rd Quarter begins

  • Friday, Jan. 11thReport Cards will be sent home in the envelope that needs to be signed.  Please remove the report card and keep at home.  Sign the envelope and return to the teacher by Tuesday the 17th.  Thanks!

  • Monday, Jan. 16th- NO School Martin Luther King Holiday
  • Thursday, Jan. 26th- Tree House Museum Field Trip in Ogden.  We ride the bus for this field trip.  I need 3-5 Parent Volunteers.  Please email me if you would like to join us for the afternoon.  We leave at 12:00 NOON and return about 2:45.

Monday, November 21, 2016

December 2016

November went by so very quickly.  I hope you all enjoy your family and friends during this holiday season.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Let's remember to be grateful.  I would like you all to know how grateful I am for your sweet children.  They make me laugh every day and once in awhile make me want to cry, hehehaha!  Thanks for sharing them with me each day.

REMEMBER November:

  • Language Arts and Math Practice
We have learned the entire alphabet and all letter sounds. We have had FUN learning the letters of the alphabet.
 Letter Ee is for Ear and Egg

 Please make sure your child is able to recognize and name all letters in RANDOM order.  Also, each child should know the letter sounds including long and short vowel sounds. 

Y is for YAM, Yucky and Yummy

 I am not sure that I believe that these Y-Y-Y yams taste that good. 

Are they YUCKY?


Here are the class graph results.

Z is for Zebra

U is for /u/ /u/ umbrella

 21 Sight words have also been taught and your child should be reading them fluently in random order and be able to find them in books and other text. 
 Also, please continue to read every day with your child.
 or other books!

Congratulations to Jaden Sherman and Aubrey Bennett for moving up a level on RAZkids.  They are now reading Level B books. When your child completes a level please remind them to tell me and then I will assess their level again in class and move them up or have them repeat a level for increased fluency. All Kindergarten students should be able to read Level D books by May.

We will begin our Unit 3 Language Arts Assessment next week and I will be sending the completed assessment by Winter Break.  Also, we will be completing our assessment about shapes too.
  • The Q and U Wedding  
This was an exciting week because Mr. U (Enzo) and Miss Q (Jayci) were joined together by Mr. Rempfer the officiator in AlphabetLand for this wedding of the year!  All the Kinder Eagles enjoyed the celebration.  This wedding will be part of the end of the year video.  We had such a great time and I think they will remember that "qu" are always together in words.  Thanks again parents for your support.

  • WTW Spelling Sorts
We will have 3 spelling sorts this month on December 2nd, 9th and 16th.  Please help your child each week by cutting, sorting and writing the letters or words depending on which level of sort they are currently studying.  I am so pleased with the progress each child is making!  Please continue to support their progress.

  • Mathematicians

Your student should be able to identify, name and write numbers 0-10 fluently. 

We have also been studying and learning about 2-D (flat) shapes and 3-D (solid shapes) for a few weeks and we will have a few review days and the Unit 5 Math Test will be given on November 30th.  Please continue to practice naming and identifying these shapes.  

 Working in cooperative Learning groups to create a NEW shape with given shapes.

 Here is the transfer of learning from our recent science unit about the Day and Night Sky.  The kiddos made the sun, moon, earth and another planet of the solar system.  Great Thinking!


 Ice cream cone 
Shapes are all around us.  Keep having discussions in your families!

  • December Calendar
All month we will be learning about Habit #4  

*Remember that Tuesday each week is our Library Day and we need to return the book each week.

Friday, December 2nd- Minimum Day dismissal at 12:45.  It is also a $1 Dress Day and proceeds are going to support our school parent organization.

Tuesday, December 6thOgden Nature Center Field TripI need 2 Parent volunteers that day to go with us.  We will be going rain, snow or shine.  Please dress your child for the weather with hat, gloves, warm coat and boots if needed that day.  We will be boarding the bus at 8:40 sharp.  Please have your child at school on time that day.  The session is 9 AM to 11 AM, we will return before our lunch time for 11:30.  Please let me know ASAP if you are able to volunteer.

Thursday, December 8th- Mrs. Lopez School Counselor class lesson presentation at 1-1:30 PM

Tuesday, December 20th- Graham Cracker House STEM project  8:10 – 11:15
We will need many parent volunteers (at least 8) that day.  A list of needed supplies was sent home with your child in the Home Learn folder.  If you can help with the donations please contact me at the school or through an email.  

  • 6 large boxes of graham crackers: Dollar Store kind work great!
  • Bags of candy, or cereal,  etc.  Anything you think could be used to make a good pattern. Like Skittles, M&M's, gum drops, peppermint candies and mini candy canes, etc. 

  • Royal icing from Topper Bakery (contact me if you’d like to donate this)
  • 26 dinner size paper plates-really heavy duty kind.

Tuesday, December 20th- Minimum Day dismissal at 12:45, $1 Dress Day

Winter Break- December 21st- January 3rd; Return to School on January 4th

Have a Very Happy and Safe Holiday Season!